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Extraction divides in four files in CSV format presented like a spreadsheet, with semi-colon as separator:
  • extraction.csv contains data of the whole bloc of pixels for each matchup (either 1, 3x3 or 5x5 pixels).

  • extractionAvg.csv contains averaged data on the window, computed upon the Statistical screening options.

  • stats.csv contains the statistics comparing MERIS water-leaving reflectance to in-situ measurements.

  • uncertainties.csv contains the in-situ water-leaving reflectance uncertainties provided by the PI.

  • See MERMAID data format (PDF file) for details about all extracted fields.

Statistical screening option

Computation of the averaged water-leaving reflectance in extractionAvg.csv can possibly include two options aimed at removing outliers in the macro-pixel:
  • CV criteria: for a given wavelength, this option discards the matchup if the standard deviation divided by the mean is bigger than the Coefficient of Variation.

  • Filtered mean: for a given wavelength, this option removes the contribution of pixels whose water-leaving reflectance is too far from the macro-pixel mean, to within the standard deviation weighted by the Filter coeff.