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How to submit data to MERMAID

Contact mermaid@esa.int for initial expression of interest.

MERMAID is flexible in how PIs submit their data (any filetype or format).

It is requested to fill in the MERMAID new PI form and provide as a minimum:

  • Water reflectances, ρw (visible and NIR, at MERIS bands if possible); either multi or hyperspectral. Or, hyperspectral convolved to the last definition of the 15 MERIS spectral filters;

  • The associated water-leaving radiances, Lw (λ) and downwelling surface irradiance, Es (λ), or Ed (λ ,0+),  from which ρw were computed (or relevant CIMEL or TriOS parameters);

  • Associated chl-a measurements and any set of IOPs if available;

  • Sun zenith angles if available;

  • Associated meta data (lat, long, date, time (UTC or specify if not);

  • A written protocol to be included in the MERIS Optical Measurement Protocols document and which accompanies the database. To include information on instruments used and the measurement protocols followed; it is a requirement of potential usage in matchups that adherence to an accepted protocol is confirmed.


ACRI-ST lead the MERIS data processing, extraction, merging with in-situ data and web site development. ARGANS lead the in-situ data collation and normalisation, protocols documentation in collaboration with PI. Contributing PIs get an access to the whole dataset and MERMAID tools in return.