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Version and history

Processing version

MERIS Level 1B, Level 2, auxiliary and intermediate products stored in the database have been processed by MEGS, the MERIS prototype ground segment. Some in-situ water-leaving reflectances are also normalised with MERIS bidirectionality look-up tables.

MERMAID users are thus strongly encouraged to pay attention to the processing version.

Current available versions:

  • MEGS 7.5.1 in Reduced Resolution (identical to MERIS 2nd reprocessing but with updated geolocation)
  • MEGS 8.0 in Reduced Resolution (MERIS 3rd reprocessing)


  • October 2012 : update of NWBalticSea, MUMMTriOS, PortCoast and MOBY dataset
  •                       Inclusion of BioOptEuroFleets dataset

  • May 2012 : inclusion of BSHSummerSurvey and PMLNorthSeaWEC datasets

  • Mar. 2012:Inclusion of IOPs, TSM and Kd in the in situ dataset (see: MERMAID data format for details)
  •   In situ chlorophylls are separated by measurement protocol
    Band shift is implemented for Gustav Dalen Tower and Helsinki lighthouse datasets (already implemented on AAOT)
    Inclusion of all aerosol optical thickness available in AERONET-OC sites (if matching MERIS bands)
    Inclusion of distance to coast information
    Inclusion of Chesapeake Bay and AERONET-OC Gloria dataset
    Correction of Bristol Irish Sea in situ dataset (increased QC)
    Correction of BOUSSOLE in situ dataset (Chl measurements have been recently updated so as to include only HPLC-derived Chl. Some Fluorescence-derived Chl merged with satellite-derived Chl were erroneously identified as HPLC values in previous releases. It is therefore necessary to reload the entire BOUSSOLE Chl data set before further use)
    Additional matchups at BOUSSOLE, AAOT, Algarve and LISCO

  • Oct. 2011: inclusion of CASES, PortCoast, MAREL and REPHY datasets
                     Inclusion of Helgoland data with transect processing
                     Update of Gustav Dalen tower, Helsinki Lighthouse, MVCO and Palgrunden

  • Jul. 2011: inclusion of CoveSEAPRISM, LISCO, LJCO and WaveCIS AERONET-OC datasets.

  • Apr. 2011: inclusion of MUMM TriOS dataset.

  • Feb. 2011: new release compatible with ODESA.

  • Jan. 2011: inclusion of East English Channel, French Guiana, Plumes and Blooms and California Current data.

  • Jan. 2010: major update of the data format, with notably inclusion of in-situ atmospheric measurements, correction for solar irradiance in in-situ water-leaving reflectance.

  • Apr. 2009: inclusion of a new AERONET - OCEAN data datasets: Abu Al Bukhoosh, Gustav Dalen Tower, Helsinki Lighthouse, MVCO and Palgrunden.

  • Mar. 2009: MERMAID website fully revised. Inclusion of Algarve, Bristol & Irish Sea, North-Western Baltic Sea and Wadden sea datasets. .

  • Nov. 2008: inclusion of NOMAD and SIMBADA data.

  • Sept. 2008: update of BOUSSOLE matchups, with all in-situ provided by D. Antoine from september 2003 to september 2007.

  • Jun. 2008: new format with extended extractions (please refer to the MERMAID data format PDF file); inclusion of RGB in the extraction.

  • Mar. 2008: new matchups at AAOT from G. Zibordi; they include notably pixels in glint condition.

  • Nov. 2007: new matchups at MOBY + extraction of flag HIGH_GLINT to allow possible retrieval of only MEDIUM_GLINT pixels.

  • Sept. 2007: initial database with BOUSSOLE, AAOT and MOBY matchups.